About Us



Our history

Founded in 2004, New York, NY

We offer boutique concierge services for your pet, servicing Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Whether your need is training, boarding, walking, transportation services, out of the city escapes or providing your dog with the highest quality of training treats… we have the solution. Our team is highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in providing exceptional customer service, dog handling and safety instructions for your canine pal.


our mission

To positively impact the lives of pets & their owners by providing a safe, healthy and interactive environment for dogs to thrive in.

cave canem

ATTENTI AL CANE! The definition of Cave Canem is Latin for "Beware of the dog."

The history of The Delighted Dog logo comes from THIS very site in the entryway of the House of the Tragic Poet, a typical 2nd century BC Roman house in Pompeii, Italy. The house is famous for its elaborate mosaic floors and illustrative scenes from Greek mythology.

We were fortunate enough to be able to learn about the history of Pompeii visiting the city ruins and the house where our logo originated from while in Italy. This moment could not have been any more fitting nor meaningful to the company.